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Lamps fulfill many duties in a home. They are great for adding extra character to a room, lighting up a dark corner, or help with everyday tasks. See our list below to find the perfect type of lamp for your home.

Lamp Types:

Accent Lamps - Just like the name, accent lamps are a quick and easy way to add character to your room. They tend to have a more distinct shape and color, which really makes them stand out. Often times, they are decorative pieces of art that illuminates.


Arc Lamps - A staple of modern design. On one end is a heavy base that supports a large arching stem similar to a candy cane. On the other end, the stem is connected to a lamp, typically a drum shade. The arc lamp is great for adding modern design to your home and providing task lighting over the couch or similar fixture.


Desk Lamps - Desk lamps excel at task lighting. They are great for finishing the task at hand. They tend to be adjustable, providing just the right amount of illumination when needed.


Floor Lamps - Floor lamps are great at adding decor and design to any room. Their portability and diversity allow for great task lighting and changing up the style of the room.