Close to Ceiling Lights

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Close To Ceiling Lights

Flush and semi-flush mounts are light fixtures that are mounted flush to the ceiling. Semi-flush mounts usually extend from the ceiling, but are shorter than pendants.


Pendant lights are light fixtures that hangs from the ceiling, usually held by a chord, chain, or metal rod. They are lone fixtures usually hung in multiples. Most often they are used over kitchen islands or dinettes. They come in many styles and are great decorative pieces.


Picking the right semi-flush mount:

Flush mounts are used for ambient lighting. Typically dome shaped, they are great for use in high traffic areas. Do not be fooled by their dome shape, contemporary designs offer many styles that will make them a great addition to any room. Keep in mind, flush mounts works best on lower ceilings.


Picking the right flush mount:

Semi-flush mounts are also used for ambient lighting, but they tend to be more decorative pieces. The most popular shapes are drum and square, but bowl, globe, and lantern are great choices as well. Semi-flush mounts works best on higher ceiling but not too high. Generally between 8-10 feet.


Picking the right pendant:

When picking pendant lighting fixtures, there are four important factors to consider. They are:

Diameter: How wide should our pendant be? Can we hang more than one? The general rule is 1 in. per every feet in length of the room.

Height: How tall should our pendant be? The ideal height of our pendant should be between 2-3 inches for every feet in height of the room.

Clearance: How low can our pendant hang? You usually want at minimum 7 feet from the bottom of the pendant to the ground. Or a few inches above doorways.

Location: Are we hanging pendants over dining room tables or kitchen islands? When hanging pendants over fixtures, use the fixture's measurement as a base for finding optimal pendant size. Clearance is usually 2.5-3 feet from bottom of pendant to top of fixture.