Chandeliers are suspended light fixtures meant to be the centerpiece to your room. They are awe-inspiring, and special consideration must be made as they set the tone for your design and style. When choosing the correct chandelier size for dinning room tables. The chandelier should be about one half to two thirds of the table. For rooms and other large spaces, add the length and width of the room together in feet. And use that number in inches for the optimum chandelier size.

Chandelier Styles:

Before picking the style, take consideration into what functionality your chandelier needs. Does it need to be dimmable? Traditional bulbs or LED? Modern day chandeliers offer a plethora of options.

Crystal Chandeliers : Time tested traditional look. Light is refracted off the crystals to create a dazzling display of lights and color. The very definition of elegance.

Candle: Candle style chandeliers create a vintage look similar to traditional styles from classic times. Present day candle chandeliers offer LED bulbs.

Drum: Drum style chandeliers often resemble semi-flush mounts. They usually have a circular design followed by visible bulbs in the center.

Globe: Spherical in shape. Usually clean lines wraps the bulbs and body of the light. They offer a very unique and distinctive style.

Linear: Often rectangular in shape. They go well over longer fixtures like kitchen islands and dinning room tables.